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MIT / Seagrant of Massachusetts
Everything that could possibly be taught about eelgrass, starting with the basics on watersheds, food webs, scientific method, marine careers, then leading to eelgrass biology, ecology, importance, human impacts, and much more. (pdf of 215 pages, for 7th to 12th grade) *note- the seagrass terms borrowed from us have since been updated (see under our media and more section), and the links to our pages are now incorrect.

Eelgrass Habitat Lesson
Interactive lesson plan about eelgrass habitats. Contains links to other marine science lesson plans.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Educational programs on salinity and the water cycle, phytoplankton, as well as other ocean science topics. Also has links to research they do in marine science.
National Estuaries Day website which has lots of activities about estuaries, water quality, habitats, and resource management, as well as a section for teachers including curriculums.

The Estuary Guide, High School
Curriculum Guide for High School level. Includes background information on estuaries for teachers or for use as student reading material, and hands-on activities.

Lesson Plan: Estuaries: Finding the Balance (National Geographic)
Lesson plan for activity focusing on environmental and economic issues surrounding estuaries across the country.



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