Suffolk County Eelgrass Restoration Project

Project Field Notes and Observations
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Activity Details and Observations
1Apr11 Orient Point Shoot collection for Greenport Jetty planting n/a
6Apr11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted out 50 tortillas (10 shoots per unit; without sand bags) with shoots collected from Orient Point on 1Apr11)

new planting 1

new planting 2

new planting 3

27Apr11 Long Beach, Orient Shoot collection for Greenport Jetty planting n/a
6May11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted out 86 tortillas (10 shoots per unit; without sand bags) with shoots collected from Long Beach, Orient on 27Apr11) n/a
11May11 Long Beach, Orient Shoot collection for Greenport Jetty planting n/a
25May11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Greenport Jetty planting 200+ discs/2000+ shoots from ROTC event/Long Beach Shoots. Monitored old plantings and evaluated and planted 40 discs (10 per station; 3, 3.5,4,5 ft) on the east side of breakwater. Did light and depth readings.

west of jetty planting 1

west of jetty planting 2

east of jetty planting 1

east of jetty planting 2

26May11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Returned to planting site for "as built" assessment. Also scouted new meadow and potential planting site accross the harbor near Chequit Pt., Shelter Island. n/a
2Jun11 Shelter Island Scouting for restoration sites.  
7Jun11 Duck Pond Pt Monitoring of plantings. Dive aborted because water had zero visability. n/a
14Jun11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Monitored (photographed) newest plantings (east side of jetty).

shallow test planting

one of the deeper test plantings

another deep planting

22Jun11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Monitored (photographed) plantings on both sides of jetty. East side test plantings looked best at the 2 deeper stations (4-5 ft depths).

east side test planting

west side planting

east side test planting 2

24Jun11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted 20 discs on west side in a tight group- 10 m north of May 2011 plantings. n/a
6Jul11 Shinnecock Bay Monitored Shinnecock experimental plantings in eastern and western reaches of corridor and flower/seed development in flats. Jumped across to site b/w shin rd and channel with suitable seeds at ideal maturity and yield.  
8Jul11 Shinnecock Bay Seed collection.  
15Jul11 Greenport Harbor Jetty

Monitored and photographed west side plantings. May plantings looked best, high density plot looked good but with some loss at offshore edge. May 2011 plantings within the May 2010 "muffin" area looked good as well.  Shoots that remained from the muffin plantings looked good and showed expansion.

May '11 Plantings-High Density

May '11 Plantings-High Density 2

old planting

24Aug11 Peconic Bay (multiple sites) Scouting for new planting sites: Pine Neck and Paradise Pt. Pine Neck abandoned b/c of poor bottom. Deployed Light loggers at PP, good bottom type and water clarity.  
31Aug11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Monitored plantings on the west side of the breakwater, post tropical storm Irene (Aug28). Plantings were hit hard by the storm: many shoots were torn near the meristem, and burlap discs were exposed. The plantings that survived the storm appeared healthy, as did the natural meadow to the south of the planting area.

damaged planting

planting that survived the storm

plantings that survived the storm

22Sep11 Long Beach

Shoot collection- 6000 shoots

26Sep11 Nickols Pt Planted 500 shoots (50 discs) in 3x3 grid. See photos.

Nickol's Pt 1

Nickol's Pt 2

Nickol's Pt 3

26Sep11 Paradise Pt Planted 500 shoots (50 discs) in 3x3 grid, same as Nickol's Pt. See photos. Northern puffers were numerous and eating worms and things that were stirred up from the sediment.

Paradise Pt 1

Paradise Pt 2

27Sep11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted 200 discs/2000 shoots.




11Oct11 Peconic Bay (multiple sites)

Monitored test plantings at Nickol's Pt. Crabs overwhelmed test plantings. Collected 2000 shoots from Long Beach.

12Oct11 Long Beach Shoot collection- 2500 shoots. n/a
13Oct11 Paridise Pt Monitored test plantings. n/a
24Oct11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted 280 discs/2800 shoots n/a
25Oct11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Planted 400 discs/4000 shoots. Monitored older plantings including those from September which looked great. Photographed new and old plantings.

new plantings

new plantings 2

September plantings

25Oct11 Nickols Pt Nickol's Pt plantings were still overwhelmed with crabs and most plants that remained were damaged (typical crab diagonal cut).

Nickols Pt 25Oct11 1

Nickols Pt 25Oct11 2

Nickols Pt 25Oct11 3

26Oct11 Paridise Pt Monitored test plantings. n/a
4Nov11 Shinnecock Bay Collected ~3000 shoots.  
10Nov11 Peconic Bay (multiple sites) Scouted for new rock planting sites in Greenport and Shelter Island (Dering Harbor). Monitored Nickols Pt plantings.  
11Nov11 Greenport Harbor Jetty Monitored test plantings. n/a
2Dec11 Shinnecock Bay

Planted 300 discs/ 3000 shoots

9Dec11 Greenport Harbor Jetty (west) Monitored plantings on west side of jetty. Some areas were coated heavily with slipgut while some weren't. Overall, plantings looked excellent.

12Dec11 Peconic Bay (multiple sites) Monitored Paradise Pt and Nickol's PT test plantings. Nickol's Pt had no visible shoots left, although it was difficult to see under the slipgut. Photos are of the Nickol's Pt plantings, which looked great, although also heavily coated in slipgut.

Paradise Pt 1

Paradise Pt 2

Paradise Pt 3

5Jan12 Greenport Harbor Jetty (west) Monitored plantings. Minimal slipgut, shallow plots checked, deep not found. Plants looked great, some wasting disease on oldest, laterals present, limited plant loss.

6Jan12 Shelter Island Pier Planted new site outside of Dering Harbor, directly across from the Greenport Jetty. Test planting in grid format, at 5 ft depth. 12 discs planted.  
9Jan12 Long Beach Shoot collection 550+ shoots  
11Jan12 Multiple Sites

SI pier plantings: added to partial grid planted on 1/6, plus one full grid planted 3 body lengths deeper. Greenport Jetty (east): planted grid (off of right edge of house lined up with radio tower).


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